Ostrom's Mushroom Farms

Ostrom's Mushroom Farms

Press Release

June 16, 2007

Ostrom Mushroom Farms, located in Olympia, WA and the Port of Sunnyside have announced that the company will be opening a new farm in Sunnyside.

Ostrom reached an agreement with the Port of purchase 25 acres with the option to purchase up to 20 additional acres if necessary based on an approved site plan.

David Knudsen, Ostrom President and CEO, explained the new farm is being built in Sunnyside to replace production that was lost when the company's Everson, WA farm closed. "This is a strategic expansion that will enable us to replace lost production with a more technologically advanced and efficient farm.  The site in Sunnyside is large enough to accommodate future growth as well."

Ostrom has been growing mushrooms including white, crimini, and portabella since 1928 and employs 300 growers, pickers, and packers at their Olympia farm.  The mushrooms are hand picked daily, refrigerated, and shipped fresh to consumers all over the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and Hawaii.

"This expansion represents a significant investment by Ostrom in our community and will have a positive economic impact throughout the Valley," said Jay Hester, Executive Director for the Port of Sunnyside.

Ostrom will spend of $25 million construction 48 grow rooms and a new compost facility at the site.

"Ostrom isn't just a company opening shop in our Valley," said Hester, "it's an entirely new industry."

Yakima County Development Association (YCDA) Executive Director Jonathan Smith worked closely with the Port of Sunnyside after receiving the project lead from the Washington State Department of Commerce.

"We immediately thought what a great fit the Yakima Valley would be for Ostrom," said Smith. "We have a strong agricultural sector with a trained workforce."

Ostrom reviewed several sites throughout the county but eventually settled on the Port of Sunnyside location.  "Sunnyside was just a good all-around fit for what we were looking for," said Knudsen.

"When in full production, Ostrom will create over 200 new jobs and be one of the largest employers in the County," said Smith. "We are very excited that Ostrom chose Yakima Valley.  This expansion is a perfect example of why we do what we do."


Posted August 07, 2018

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